Community Support Growing As Eva’s Case Continues

Thanks to all the wonderful people who packed the Peace
Resource Center in Seaside, CA, on May 19th in support of Eva Ruiz Gomez and her family, and generously donated to her legal defense trust!!

Friends and supporters came from far and wide, brought food and wine, learned more about Eva’s case, and left with their arms full of great, creative auction items. It was a true community event–rich with good-hearted people and passionate, lively conversations.

We are profoundly optimistic now because finally, after three lawyers who have each urged Eva to “cop to a plea bargain,” she has been able to retain two highly educated and experienced lawyers, who, after reading hundreds of pages of documents relating to the case, believe it is a groundless prosecution of an innocent Latina mother.

Her lead counsel is Dario Navarro, Esq., a former law professor and veteran of numerous state and federal civil rights cases, who holds an LL.M. from the Yale Law School, an M.P.A. from Princeton University, a J.D. from the Northwestern University School of Law and a B.A. from Marquette University.

Dario is joined in his representation of Eva by Dominic G. Flamiano, Esq., another exceptionally talented and experienced litigator, as associated defense co-counsel. Dominic holds a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) and a B.A. from Harvard University.

Dario and Dominic are working on a pro bono basis at a tiny fraction of their normal legal fees. The Friends of Eva is raising money to pay her new lawyers enough to keep litigating and cover the basic costs of the case, including expenses such as court transcripts, expert witness fees, translations, scanning, copying and binding. It is enormously expensive to fight your way through the legal system. Being innocent doesn’t get you far in this legal maze euphemistically called the “criminal justice system.”

On May 21st, Eva’s lawyers filed a Petition for Review in the California Supreme Court. Meanwhile, every day her lawyers are working on different aspects and angles of her case. They have been tireless in their research and strategic thinking and planning and have filed hundreds of pages of pleadings and motions.

None of this would be possible without the support that Eva has gotten from family, friends, community members and allies (some of whom only know of Eva and her situation through word-of-mouth). Eva’s case is not unique, but it is tragic nonetheless. What keeps Eva going is her strong will and personal courage, her love and devotion to her family, and an unwillingness to let an unjust system take her down.

Eva’s family has been pushed to the edge of financial ruin and is already $30,000 in debt (and her case hasn’t even gone to trial); Eva’s health has been seriously compromised, the entire family is exhausted and traumatized. What can help this unjust situation come to a just ending? Strong community support and the sunshine factor–each of us can help by shining light on this case. The more people who know, the better.

What you can do:

If you are willing to write a letter on behalf on Eva, or tell someone in the media about this case, please contact us.

And please consider making a contribution towards Eva’s
legal defense trust. We have set up a PayPal account for ease and security. No contribution is too small–it all adds up to being enough. On behalf of the Friends of Eva, many thanks!!