Weekly covers Eva’s story

EVA’S WAR: This Pacific Grove mom may spend three years in prison for something a judge told her she could do–move with her son to Mexico.

By Mary Duan

Monterey County Weekly, 12-06-2012

The People V. Eva Ruiz-Gomez

A Family-court battle turns ugly as a mom faces felony charges of interfering with the rights of her son’s father. The teen at the heart of it wonders why the courts won’t listen to him.

Eva Ruiz-Gomez steps through the double doors of Courtroom 13 at the Monterey County Superior Courthouse, her long, dark hair pulled back from her face, and asks for a phone.

“I need a phone. I have to call his soccer coach and find out what time his game is tomorrow. I need a phone. I need a phone,” she says, one hand pressed flat across her stomach, her voice increasingly frantic. “Can someone please let me use their phone?” She is petite and pretty, with high cheekbones and dark eyes, wearing low-heeled pumps, a conservative pantsuit and a simple strand of pearls around her neck. Someone steps forward to hand her a cellphone—it’s one of the dozens of supporters waiting while Judge Susan Matcham holds a closed hearing with Ruiz-Gomez’ teenage son, the boy with the soccer game.

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